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                                                                                Tour Of Gamma Cygni
Published on space.com http://www.space.com/29449-vivid-gamma-cygni-region-captured-by-astrophotographer-video.html

The Gamma Cygni/Sadr Region, named after the central star Sadr/Gamma Cygni the central star of Cygnus's Cross surrounded by diffuse emission and dark nebulae and part of the much larger Cygnus Molecular Cloud. 

Some of my Recently Published Images

This website is dedicated to my passion for astrophotography, the Night Sky and Sir Patrick Moore who was and remains my inspiration so here I present and share with you my passion of the skies and Deep Space images.

I hope you enjoy your visit and if you have any questions please send me an email from my contact page. For those of you who are visiting here for the very first time. I have captured all of these images from my backyard observatory in Fremont Michigan, not from somewhere in Australia as the "downunder" name suggests, I apologize for any confusion and once you read my About Me page perhaps it will become clearer to you why I chose this name.

                                               The Armchair Astronomer 

                                                                             NOW AVAILABLE for iPad or Kindle
I am co-author of this new e-book with Brian Ventrudo of CosmicPursuits.com. This first volume is about nebulae, and there will be others in the series.                       Available now from either Apple iBooks, Amazon Kindle, and in PDF format. Here's a link where you can learn more about it


Astrophotography by Terry Hancock


                                                                  NEAIC 2016

I'm honored to be a Guest Speaker at this year's Northeast Astro Imaging Conference (NEAIC) April 7 & 8, the 2 days leading up to NEAF held in New York.

                                                             I'll be doing 4, 1 hour long talks in the "Introduction to Astro-Imaging" slots
                                                                                           Thursday April 7th 11:00-12:00, 2:30-3:30
                                                                                                   Friday April 8th 11:00, 1:00-2:00

Here's an overview of my talks

Astrophotography is a rewarding pastime, one that blends art and technology with an in-depth understanding of astronomy. My approach is to reduce complexity and keep it simple to improve the photographer's overall level of enjoyment. In these 4, 1 hour long talks I will show you the basics including selecting the right equipment and software, using your equipment, gathering data, pre-processing and finally post-processing your images using Photoshop.
                                                                I Hope to see you there http://www.rocklandastronomy.com/neaic.html